Gift3:Select shop dealing with popular gifts【TANP】


Here is an Overview of the Gifts We Will Introduce.

  Mail order site: TANP
  Operating company: Gracia Inc.
  Price: 3,000 yen including tax ~ / shipping not included
  Delivery temperature range: normal temperature
  Sales period: All year round

About the Gift Company


The select shop introduced today is provided by Gracia Inc.

Since it is a select shop, various products are handled.

It is a company that is operated with the management philosophy of “coloring important moments and enriching connections between people.”

The management team is the talented people of the University of Tokyo. You can expect future development.

Introductions to gift items!

Now, let’s introduce the gift.

The first is this “toilette”.

The colorful herbarium makes the space a little more gorgeous.


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“[TANP Limited Special Set] Lip & Golden Rose”.

This item is limited to select shops.


Click here for the third product.

“Flavor diaper cake”

It is a product that puts together diapers like a decoration cake and puts practical socks.

How about a baby gift?


Click here for the fourth

“Elk Leather Band-GRP001”

A watch with a good taste is sure to please men.

It is a limited model in collaboration with the watch brands [Grandeur Plus] and [Leather Studio Parley].


Click here for the fifth.

“J-mode ring pair cup 330ml”

A pair of J-mode luxury and calm Mino ware.

It is also good to give it as a celebration such as a wedding gift.

I found an interesting catalog gift. “Adult outing gift for two” You can have a little extraordinary experience by choosing from experience-based products. If you give it as a gift to your lover, you can use it on a date.

Who is the target of the gift?

This time we are introducing a select shop for gifts, so you can give it to almost everyone. It’s fun to be looking for what to give to someone who wants to give a present.

[Use, etc.]

Birthday Wedding Anniversary White Day Wedding Celebration New Construction Celebration Moving Celebration Retirement Celebration Pleasure Celebration Birth Celebration Discharge Celebration Christmas Kouki Kiju Yoneju Kasaju 60th Birthday Presentation Farewell Party 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s Fashionable Gift Gift


Male Female Boyfriend Her Mother Father Grandmother Grandfather Wife Mother-in-law Grandparents Parents Mom Dad Dad Boss Friend Girl

Now, Let’s Give a Present!

This time, we introduced Gracia Inc.’s “Select shop TANP, which specializes in gifts that are rapidly increasing in popularity.”

If you have any questions about what to give, please take a look at select shops.

The official site is here.